Martha Stewart seems busier now than she’s ever been. Between her latest collaboration with Skechers, an ever-growing empire of goods available via, and her three new Roku shows, the 81-year-old, like her career, shows no signs of slowing down. And she does it all while positively glowing (remember her thirst trap pool selfie that broke the internet?). The star recently sat down with Prevention (between trips to the Middle East and the U.S.) to chat about wellness and how she looks and feels her best at 81.

Martha Stewart x Skechers Slip-ins: Ultra Flex 3
Skechers Martha Stewart x Skechers Slip-ins: Ultra Flex 3
$90 at
Credit: Skechers
Vitamin C Serum
Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum
Credit: Mario Badescu

She’s always moving

“I ride at least once a week, my beautiful Friesian horses. I sort of never sit down. That’s one way I stay active, I don’t sit very much,” she admits. “I walk, I hike. I garden. I’m always planting, I’m always weeding, I’m always designing. So I’m outside a lot.” she says. “I have a lot of animals too that I take care keeps one very, very busy.”

She always wears comfy, supportive footwear

With all that movement, the right shoes make a difference. But, support isn’t the only thing the star looks for in footwear. Slip-in shoes are key for Stewart, “Because my hands are always full. When I’m running out the door I might be carrying my cappuccino, my keys, and my phone and I can just step into my Skechers and walk out the door,” she says. Her go-to pair are the Skechers x Martha Stewart Slip-ins™: Ultra Flex 3.0. “They’re lightweight...these are easy to walk in, and these are comfortable and I can wear them for hours and hours.” She says they’re supportive, cushiony, and true-to-size. I wear them all the time. Because I live on a farm, I have dirty ones that are left in a hallway, and slip them on and go down to the chickens go down to the garden, wherever I need to go. I have nicer ones that I wear in the car. We have a pair in every car.”

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She never forgets her skincare

“I also think that keeping a clean face at night, using a vitamin C serum, a peptide serum, helps lubricate and keep your skin looking really good,” Stewart says. “I use a lot of Mario Badescu I consider very affordable for what they are,” she says. “People should look at those products.” One of her particular favorites is the brand’s Vitamin C serum.

She always keeps nutrition in mind

“I eat well. I make my own green juice. Instead of going out and buying bottled green juice, I make my own green juice every single morning from vegetables that I grow,” she says. Stewart says this has a lot to do with good hair and skin.

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