The heat of summertime is setting in and we’re already finding ourselves warmer and, at times, sweatier than we’d like to be. Sure, at home we can blast the A/C and cool off, but what about when we’re in a stuffy car stuck in traffic, out on a camping trip, taking a long stroll in the park, or hanging out on the back patio under the blazing sun? In those instances, we want a cooling, hands-free solution. We want a wearable air conditioner. And we have just the one for you.

Right now, the Jisulife Portable Neck Fan is up to 40 percent off on Amazon, making this sleek wearable air conditioner as low as $24. Not to mention, this model has over 23,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and was named by Popular Mechanics editors as the overall best wearable air conditioner.

Jisulife Portable Neck Fan

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Portable Neck Fan

Jisulife Portable Neck Fan

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$24 at Amazon

This portable neck fan comes in five different colors, though it’s important to note that not all of them are 40 percent off. If you want to cash in on that discount, opt for the dark green option. That said, all the colors are marked down, starting at 15 percent off.

There are few aspects of the Jisulife Portable Neck Fan that stand out. For one, you’ll appreciate that it’s bladeless and feels light around your neck. And for another, this wearable air conditioner is whisper quiet, so you likely won’t be bothered by any noise the motor makes while you’re using it. Plus, this neck fan can go for up to 16 hours before it needs recharging.

This wearable air conditioner is also very stylish, with a sleek design housing 78 air vents in place of blades and a power button that blends in seamlessly. It also has three speeds you can choose from, so you can have just the right amount of airflow for any given situation.

There’s no need to spend your summer being uncomfortably hot, especially when the best wearable air conditioner is so affordably priced. Take advantage of the 40 percent discount and enjoy a cool (or at least, a cooler) summer.

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From: Popular Mechanics
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